Strong Mentorship

Mentorship has long been a cornerstone of professional growth.

Mentorship offers unparalleled opportunities to share experiences, gain insights, and inspire transformative change.

These mentorship tools can help you create and run a successful mentorship program and strengthen mentoring relationships. 

Mentorship Programs Can:

  • Foster meaningful professional relationships.
  • Magnify community outreach and engagement.
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and skill acquisition.
  • Enhance brand reputation and network presence.

Benefits of a Well-Structured Mentorship Program:

For Organizations:

Boosted morale, increased retention, and strengthened company culture.

For Mentees

Skill enhancement, confidence-building, and expanded professional networks.

For Mentors

Personal growth, knowledge-sharing satisfaction, and reinforced leadership skills.

In Addition to These Tools, I Offer:

  • Comprehensive mentorship onboarding and orientation.
  • Tailored matching of mentors and mentees to ensure synergy and meaningful learnings
  • Ongoing support and evaluation to gauge progress and recalibration as needed.
  • An arsenal of resources, from best practice guidelines to interactive workshops.

Why Partner With Me?

Hello, I'm Christine Carter. With decades of experience participating in, creating and managing successful mentorship programs across diverse sectors, I want to share mentorship best practices with you.  When you work with me, here are some of the resources you will get: 

  • My STRONG mentorship framework.  A six step framework for a structured customized program. 
  • A customized strategy to align with your mentorship goals.
  • Tools and resources to keep participants engaged and informed throughout the program.
  • Structured program management techniques to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Do You Want To...

Introduce a dynamic mentorship program or rejuvenate an existing one?

Increase retention and engagement within your organization. 

Cultivate a thriving community within your organization?

Amplify engagement and connection between industry professionals?

Ready to Elevate with Mentorship?

 Dive deep into the world of mentorship with our comprehensive toolkit.

Or, take the first step with a free discovery call to understand how we can align with your vision.

Mentorship Discussion Guide:
Elevate your mentorship program and enhance mentee-mentor interactions with this powerful discussion guide. 

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Strong Mentorship Toolkit:
Ready to launch your mentorship program but not sure where to begin? Get your hands on the free Mentorship Program Toolkit today!


Here Is What Others Have to Say

"We needed someone that could manage the entire program including the partnerships, communications, and administration..."


56Strong Program Lead

"No one in our organization had the time to create, operate or manage the program, so we needed someone to be able to handle the big picture as well as the day-to-day operations.

Chris opened our eyes to so much that we didn’t know. We had no real idea of what a mentorship program could or should look like. Chris’ vast experience in running quality mentorship programs helped us to develop and implement our first program. This program would have been a completely different program without Chris. I would venture to say it would have been a complete mess.

We had no idea what it took to create meaningful matches, participant engagement, or curriculum. The years of experience Chris has in matching mentees and mentors truly made this program successful. I am not sure how we would have matched the applicants, but Chris recognizing that in order for this program to hit our goals and metrics for the grant, it relied on her matching the pairs based on the mentees' business hurdles.

Chris knew what to ask in the application and interviews so that she would be able to create customized, personalized, and meaningful matches. Above that, she is a self-starter and needed absolutely no hand holding. We needed someone to own this program because we didn’t have the extra time internally. She not only did that but single handedly made this program so valuable for the participants."

"My mentor was the perfect match for me. She has been amazingly helpful with her knowledge and willingness to share her network. Every meeting was productive and my business has gone in a completely new direction of growth since we started. We connected personally around our large and complicated families. This personal connection flowed easily into influencing how and when we were able to prioritize time together.

I began the program with three clear challenge areas: marketing, networking, and manufacturing. I had initially identified my top priority goal as improving my marketing outcomes, specifically in DTC channels. Once we dug into the 'why' behind this goal, it became clear that the result I really wanted was an increase in sales. I used all the frameworks provided by the program. The result was that I pivoted my strategy from a sole focus on DTC to building and executing a wholesale strategy over the course of the six months and deprioritizing spend on DTC.

With my mentor, I leaned into this change with enthusiasm, followed through with every network connection I made, and saw almost immediate results which was thrilling for both of us! I am now in 10+ boutiques across Montana, starting to build predictable velocity metrics on my SKUs so I can make more informed marketing and production decisions, and I'm using these measured learnings to build my expansion strategy into other states. I have also been able to shift priorities within my family's professional commitments to be able to spend more time and energy on building my company, "Executive by Stephanie."


56Strong Mentee of the Year 2022

I was excited to participate in the 56Strong Mentorship program and eager to support other women, yet was concerned it might be a waste of my time. The 56Strong Mentorship Program far exceeded my expectations.

Chris really got to know us through the application and interview process and couldn't have matched us better! My mentee was amazing and so open to ideas and growth. We expanded on my mentee's growth opportunities, systemize her processes, and ultimately changed her pricing strategy by encouraging her to charge what she is worth!

As a direct result of this program, my mentee’s confidence is soaring. She has so much potential and so many opportunities. I am excited for her continuous growth and advancement.

I so appreciate this program and all the work that went into it. I hope that women from more counties join future programs."


56Strong Mentor of the Year  2022

Mentorship Discussion Guide:

Elevate your mentorship program and enhance mentee-mentor interactions with this powerful discussion guide. 

Strong Mentorship Toolkit:

Ready to launch your mentorship program but not sure where to begin? Get your hands on the free Mentorship Program Toolkit today!