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Dive into a collection of powerful resources designed for every pivotal moment in your professional journey.

From those embarking on a fresh career path to those navigating mid-life shifts, to the professionals fostering mentorship ties, Start Strong Life is your comprehensive guide to embracing each phase with clarity and confidence.

Propel forward with expert insights, tools and exercises and redefine what it means to excel in your career.

Christine carter

Career Catalyst

Career success means working smarter, not just harder. With the right tools, you can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Who I serve...

I help ambitious individuals taking charge of their career journey and the forward-thinking organizations eager to work with them.

Start Strong

For Early and Mid-Career Professionals

Embark on a journey with clarity and confidence. Define your trajectory, align your goals, and master the art of standing out.

Restart Strong

For Mid Journey Career Exploration

Facing career transitions due to layoffs, midlife changes, or significant life events? Rediscover your potential, redefine your path, and stand out in an evolving job market.

Strong Mentorship

Enhance Your Mentorship Programs and Partnerships

Strengthen mentor-mentee relationships with effective resources and guides. Whether you're an organization looking to foster professional growth or an individual aiming to be a better mentor, here's your toolkit.

Praise and Testimonials

"Chris's guidance transformed my career trajectory." 

Jarrett I.

"The Restart Strong eBook was a game changer during my midlife career shift. Highly recommend!" 


"Our organization's mentorship program has thrived using the Strong Mentorship Discussion Guide. Absolute gold!" 

– Cindy S.

"During challenging times, 'Start Strong' was my beacon. It helped me rediscover my professional aspirations and purpose."


Welcome to a new age of career empowerment!

Whether you're an ambitious individual at the brink of your career journey, pivoting mid-way, or an organization aiming to cultivate a strong mentorship program, I’m here to help you navigate through each phase.

Dive into a wealth of resources, eBooks, and consultations tailored for every stage of your professional trajectory.

Christine Carter

Career Catalyst 

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